Joy is a journey. It can't be bought, boxed, or delivered to your door.
Even the words of Christ are inadequate to convey the gift He has for you.
Live in Love. Journey in joy.

Those who puff themselves up, dumb themselves down.
And nothing is so blinding as the pursuit of appearances.

What does one do when the only person in the entire universe,
in whom they have ever, completely, trusted,....
seems to have betrayed that trust and utterly abandoned them?

"My God, My God, Why have you forsaken me?"
May you somehow see that you are not alone.

When fear says of good things, "It's all beginning to end!"
faith beholds the Friend, from beginning to end,
Who weaves all things together for Good.

The goodness of life and the fullness of  love
can only be experienced,
they can never be explained.

To be living means belonging,
And believing means be loving.

We are shaken and driven by fear.
We are rooted and grounded in Love.
"Perfect Love casts out all fear."