Bulletin Announcements for

               March 21, 2020

Dear Friends, 


All the classrooms are closed in California but the “School of Life” is in full session and we’ve learned a lot during these last few days.  It seems like each time that I’m struggling on the edge of making a difficult decision regarding our meetings at CCF, the choice is removed by public health guidelines and mandates.  Personally, I am very grateful for the leadership of our public health professionals that leave me with the simpler challenge of learning to “let go.”  My hope and prayer is that, whenever we meet again, we will have learned the lessons that could never be taught from the pulpit.  Although our fears may grow as our finances are stretched and savings reduced, our true wealth continues to compound as we learn to love this world even as our Father has loved us.  May we continue to take comfort in the prayer and the global approach to life that our Lord taught us, “Father; feed us, forgive us, deliver us.”

I would like to share with all of you a few of the lessons that I hope to be learning in the weeks ahead but I want to keep it as personal as possible.  I’m compiling a list of email addresses to whom I can send occasional messages such as this.  If you are reading this on the CCF webpage or Facebook page and would like to be included in my emailing list, please send your request to bruce@ccfresno.org

Expecting the Best….with Love,